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Sanctioned Russian Banker Andrei Kostin, Head of ‘Putin’s Piggy Bank,’ Uses Canadian Man as Proxy For Vast Holdings


Table of Contents Introduction Russian Banker Andrei Kostin Russian banker Andrei Kostin who is subject to sanctions imposed by the United States and other nations for his alleged involvement in Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. These sanctions were imposed because of allegations that he was involved in the aggression. Kostin is the CEO of VTB Bank, one of the major financial institutions in Russia...



Table of Contents Introduction OpenLux is a project that aims to investigate the intricate network of secretive financial mechanisms that exist in Luxembourg. It is a collaborative effort between the newspaper Le Monde, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, and 17 more media partners from various countries across Europe. OpenLux’s mission is to raise awareness about the shadowy financial system that exists in...

Luxemborg’s: UBO 2021


Table of Contents Who is a UBO and what do they do? Is there a reason why we need to know who UBOs are?UBO stands for “ultimate beneficial owner,” and refers to the individual who will receive the most benefits from a business. The UBO of a legitimate business may be the same person who is also the company’s legal owner. However, in more complicated corporate structures, the UBO or UBOs may not...

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