It seems that MLM scams never run out of “Miracle Trees” they can harness to revolutionize your health. Is the Zija MLM business model fantastic for making money selling products based on a “Miracle Tree”? Is it free enterprise in its purest form or is it a scam? My followers have requested that I take a look at the Zija business opportunity. Here is what I have found.

Claims Exposed in this Zija Review

Our turnkey business model, easy-to-use tools, unmatched support, and lucrative compensation plan make starting and building your own successful Zija business a reality.

Would you like to own your own business? Spend more time with family and friends? Stay healthy and active? Have more time to pursue your hobbies? Travel the world? Put yourself or your kids through college? Lose weight? Have more energy? Drive a Mercedes-Benz? With Zija, you truly can build and live your own Life Unlimited!

Zija Scam Reality

Zija is yet another health and wellness MLM based in Utah. Utah just can’t seem to get enough of this type of business opportunity.

Zija International
Corporate Office
3300 N. Ashton Blvd, Suite 100
Lehi, Ut 84043

Ken Brailsford is the the Founder and CEO of Zija International. He was the Co-Founder of Nature’s Sunshine Products and Enrich International.

The opportunity that Zija offers you is to become an independent distributor to introduce and sell their products as well as introduce the Zija business opportunity to others.

I was not able to find an income disclosure which shared how much people were making with this business opportunity.

Regardless of whether it is healthy or not, the Zija pitch is the same tired MLM pitch you’ve heard hundreds of times before.

They sign you up and get you to pay a fee or purchase a $199+ startup pack.  Then they get you to signup for a monthly auto-shipment and you recruit others to do the same thing. 

I don’t believe them when they claim, “Our turnkey business model, easy-to-use tools, unmatched support, and lucrative compensation plan make starting and building your own successful Zija business a reality.” I believe the vast majority of people will NOT find success with this business model.

…multi-level marketers should stop presenting business opportunities as a way for individuals to quit their jobs, earn thousands of dollars a month, make career-level income, or get rich because in reality, very few participants are likely to do that. – Source FTC

…the majority of direct sellers made less than $10,000 per year from direct selling, with a median annual gross income of about $2,400 or only $200 per month. (59% make less than $10,000 per year and this does not include expenses.) – Source FTC

In my opinion, the opportunity to build significant retail sales is limited with Zija because anyone can purchase the products from the Zija website and anyone can become a wholesaler for a very low cost. This leads to a focus on recruiting new distributors and building team commissions.

Here is how they describe what to focus on in your testimony to interest new distributors:

Focus on the nutrient content found within the products and statements of overall health and wellness. By focusing on nutrition, general health, vitality, and well-being, you are targeting everyone instead of a specific group of people with specific health problems. – Source Zijacorp.com

I don’t believe them when they claim that they can revolutionize your health. There is limited scientific evidence to support this claim. The anecdotal claims that I have seen for the health benefits for their products are the same I have seen many times before.

“The enthusiasm for the health benefits of M. oleifera is in dire contrast with the scarcity of strong experimental and clinical evidence supporting them.” – Source Ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Here is one BBB complaint that I think you will find valuable:

Bought product from independent distributor for Zija International per hard sell (our fault). Did research on product. Found numerous contradictions then what ID’s stated. Not just moringa oleifera in part but in whole. There are numerous side effects, some resulting in hospitalization. Should not… be taken with certain prescription drugs. Although each of the previous stated is unjustifiable in not being told to potential clients, the most heinous being pregnant women could miscarriage by taking product. Oils shouldn’t be taken internally until research is more definitive. When ID’s were questioned on this, either 1) Zija does’nt use the the bark or roots of the tree (most common answer), 2) They said the scientist at Zija say’s it’s safe (right up there with first answer), 3) They did not care (was obvious to tell), 4) Are selling without proper information from the company to give clients. At a meeting where supposedly the people speaking were knowledgeable about the product, they were unwilling to listen to any negative questions being asked. Sources: Personal interaction, Washington University School of Medicine, WebMD, Med India, Sharecare.com, ehealthme.com, local hospitals and wifes own physicians. I am not writing this to discourage anyone from taking this product. But I am telling you to do your own research before you buy into this.

If you take a look at the Zija Roadmap they provide, I think it is clear what they are focused on: recruiting.

“Help your first 2 get their first 2 and duplicate this down 4 levels” – Source Zija Roadmap

They cap how much you can make without having additional Business Centers. Business Centers are nothing more than positions in the compensation plan. Zija will pay Team Commissions of up to $10,000 per Cycle, per Business Center.


$20 Enrollment Fee

$20 Annual Renewal Fee

The $20 USD Enrollment Fee to become a Zija Distributor is waived with the purchase of any Zija System. A yearly renewal fee of $20 USD is required to continue as a Distributor.

Optional Welcome Kit is $19.00

NHR Basic System
$265.00 / $199.00 Wholesale
150 PV

NHR Enhanced System
$438.00 / $330.00 Wholesale
250 PV

NHR Gold System
$878.00 / $660.00 Wholesale
500 PV

NHR Diamond System
$1,756.00 / $1,320.00 Wholesale
1,000 PV



Compensation Plan

Ways to Earn Income:

Team Commissions (TC) are the backbone of the Zija Compensation Plan, and you can benefit greatly based upon the Commissionable Volume (CV) in your Downline.

The Team Commissions portion of the Zija Compensation Plan is binary.

If you and your two Personally-Sponsored Distributors/Wholesale Members are Active 75 or greater, you will have earned the Rank of Builder and will be eligible to receive up to 10% in Team Commissions. Your first two Personally-Sponsored Distributors/Wholesale Members need to be on separate Legs.

ACTIVE 75 – To earn commissions and bonuses, you must be Active. To be Active 75 you must have a minimum of 75 Personal Volume in 4 weeks.

PERSONAL VOLUME – Personal Volume (PV) is defined as the Volume associated with a Member purchase for purposes of resale, for use as samples, or for personal use.

To rise up through the ranks of this compensation plan you need to recruit people into the business opportunity.

Qualification to become a Builder: 75 RV and 2 Active, Personally-Sponsored Distributor/Wholesale Members – One on the left Leg and one on the right Leg.

You must be Active 150 to advance or maintain any Rank Emerald and above.


Income Disclosure

Distributors are not guaranteed a specific income, success or level of profit.

Similar review: Karatbars

In my opinion, Zija does not offer an income disclosure that verifies that they offer a good business opportunity for the majority of people that become distributors.

Return Policy

All Customers and/or Distributors have a thirty (30) day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on up to 250 PV of their initial order. The initial order is defined as the first order of product(s) made on the account. The Company will refund 100 percent of the purchase price (less shipping costs) on up to 250 PV of any initial product order. All unused product(s) must be returned by a traceable means of delivery to the Company. The Customer and/or Distributor is responsible for shipping charges to return the product(s). Zija will refund a maximum of 90 percent of the purchase price (less shipping costs) of any Initial Order in excess of 250 PV.

For product to be returned, the product must be in resalable condition. To be classified as “resalable”, the product must be unopened and unencumbered, with current labels and seals intact and in good condition.

Product Buy Back for Terminating Distributorship: The Company will repurchase, on reasonable commercial terms, currently marketable inventory in the possession of a Distributor and purchased by that Distributor who voluntarily terminates their Distributorship. For purposes of this policy, “Reasonable Commercial Terms” shall include the repurchase of marketable inventory within twelve (12) months from the Distributor’s date of purchase at ninety (90) percent of the Distributor’s original net cost, less shipping costs, appropriate set offs (e.g. Commissions, rebates, promotions) and legal claims if any. A refund will not be given until Zija has received a notice of termination from the Distributor or until the Distributor has been terminated by Zija. Multiple order refunds are also subject to a prorated value of Volume already paid out and now unable to be collected because of Upline Distributor cancellations, inactivity, and non-commissions being earned.

Zija Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Zija is another MLM scam which offers you the opportunity to pay them to recruit your friends and family into a business opportunity that does not provide an income disclosure that shows that the majority of people are making money.  They use a “Miracle Tree” with limited scientific research to convince new distributors to join the business opportunity. I found nothing special about the Zija business opportunity. The Zija pitch is the same tired MLM pitch you’ve heard hundreds of times before. If you take a look at the Zija Roadmap they provide, I think it is clear they are focused on recruiting. They cap how much you can make without having additional Business Centers. I would avoid the Zija business opportunity.

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