Anthony J Archer And Andrew J Goodman: Scammers Stealing from Clients


Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman are a bunch of scammers according to their clients. They have received several complaints for their deceptive practices. In this review of Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman, you will learn about these complaints.

Anthony J Archer is the Chairman and CEO of the Primal Group Company. He is 42 Years old. He prepares the business strategies for his company.

Andrew J Goodman holds the position of  Chief commercial officer in the Primal Group. He is 40 years old. His involvement is in building communications among builders, internal teams, and investors. 

Complaint against the Anthony J Archer And Andrew J Goodman

The complaint is linked to Anthony J Archer And Andrew J Goodman or either we can say the Primal Group is also involved.

anthony j archer and andrew j goodman

Now if we go through the complaint we get a piece of advice from a complainer that whether this company is suitable for this company or not. So let’s bring up the negative points of this company.

The complainant suggested that new potential investors should read the advice of an established investor. He recommended doing your research and asking your accountant to show you the last eight years worth of financial records, which included negative accounts and losses, no profits to date, no harvests of either coconuts or neem, and no losses overall.

Then he advised that you ask your lawyers to look into labor disputes brought by former employees in Brazil and legal action investors are bringing against Unique/Primal Group. When you conduct your due diligence on Unique LQD/Primal Group, you will learn about negative accounts/losses, numerous lawsuits brought by former employees in Brazil, issues with the Brazilian government, and investor lawsuits. 

Several years ago, he made a coconut investment with Unique LQD, managed by Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman. It turned out to be a costly error. False claims were made about having 2 hectares of coconuts, complete title deeds, extremely high returns, and income in 3 years throughout the advertisement. 

He has received nothing from my Neem investments to date, other than demands that he bails out Unique/Primal Group by paying the extortionate 10% crop management fees in an effort to keep them from going bankrupt and running out of money.

He investigated whether the necessary permits and planning approval was in place before being invested. He was told that the necessary permits and planning approvals had been obtained, and that coconut trees will shortly be planted. However, when it turned out to be untrue, he was obliged to switch to neem trees.

As Unique LQD was unable to obtain water permissions for the Coconuts but did not require these permits for Neem, he was not happy about this and demanded a refund of my money. I was then informed that my only choice was to switch from Coconuts to Neem.

According to the complainant, a trustworthy well-managed organization would have conducted research and secured permissions and planning approval for Coconuts before offering them to investors. He believed that this information was inaccurate and deceptive because it was being used to sell coconuts that couldn’t be planted because the licenses couldn’t be obtained.

An honorable business would have refunded the investor’s money. Also, new investors in Primal Group were not provided with all the details or made aware of the numerous issues; instead, they were told that all was well and that everything was done on schedule. When Anthony J. Archer and Andrew J. Goodman learned that foreigners could not receive title deeds, they sold neem to these new investors and told them they could obtain full title deeds.

An email requesting 10% crop management fees was delivered to investors a few months ago. Informing investors that foreigners could not obtain title deeds for agricultural land, Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman attempted to persuade them to switch to shares in exchange for a 30% cut of the investment. Several queries from investors included: Could they substantiate their claim that they contributed 30% of the capital?

Some inquiries were dismissed or given incorrect responses. At first, when investors questioned where all the money had disappeared, the answer was hidden or disregarded. A spreadsheet in Excel that Unique LQD later gave revealed where the majority of the funds had been spent. If you still need more convincing, he reviewed the spending spreadsheet.

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Snippet of the Complaint Against Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman

In the above shot, the complainant has mentioned the expense spreadsheet details.

Anthony J Archer and Andrew J Goodman presented the above proof, which was derived from the Excel spreadsheet they gave investors. When Unique LQD/Primal Group rapidly runs out of cash, they are in dire need of some gullible new investors who would believe their sales pitches and fabrications in order to save them from bankruptcy. Refrain from investing with Unique LQD/Primal Group and find a trustworthy firm instead.



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