“Montenegrin Gang’s 2023:Use of Open-Source Intelligence in Lethal Operations”

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Introduction Montenegrin Gang’s:

Gathering information from sources that are openly accessible to the public is the activity known as open-source intelligence (OSINT). Over the course of the past few years, open source intelligence has emerged as a crucial resource for law enforcement authorities in their fight against organised crime. However, OSINT can also be utilised by criminals to carry out their illicit operations, such as was the case with a gang in Montenegro that used OSINT to plot and carry out a murder. In this instance, the OSINT was used to gather information about the victim’s location. The case of the Montenegrin Gang’s and how they used OSINT to commit murder will be investigated in this essay.

Background of Montenegrin Gang’s

There are approximately 620,000 people living in the country of Montenegro, which is located in Southeast Europe. Montenegro, like many other countries in the region, has a history of organised crime, which has been driven throughout its history by poverty, corruption, and a lack of effective law enforcement. One of the most important criminal organisations in Montenegro is the Montenegrin Gang’s mafia, which is also known as the “Kava Clan.” The Kava Clan is involved in a wide variety of illegal operations, some of which include the trafficking of drugs, the smuggling of weaponry, the laundering of money, and the carrying out of contract killings.

Montenegrin Gang’s The Murder:

In the month of May in 2018, a man named Radoje Zvicer, who was 43 years old, was killed by gunfire in front of a restaurant in Athens, Greece. Zvicer was a high-ranking member of the Kava Clan and was accused of being involved in a variety of illegal operations, including the slaying of a member of an opposing gang in Montenegro. One of these activities took place in Montenegro. The Greek police immediately began looking into the homicide, but it became apparent to them very soon that they were dealing with a highly developed criminal organisation that had employed sophisticated strategies in both the planning and execution of the crime.

The Application of OSINT:

As the inquiry went on, it became more and more obvious that the Kava Clan had utilised OSINT in order to plot and carry out the murder. The group had made use of a wide variety of online tools and strategies when planning the assault and gathering intelligence regarding Zvicer’s whereabouts and movements. The gang’s arsenal of tactics includes, among others, the following:

Prior to Zvicer’s murder, the Kava Clan had been keeping an eye on his various social media sites for a number of months. They had utilised a wide variety of methods, such as hacking and phishing attempts, in order to acquire access to Zvicer’s profiles on several social media platforms. As soon as they gained access to his profiles, they were able to keep an eye on his activities and follow his whereabouts. They gathered information about Zvicer’s associates as well as possible targets by using social media.

Images from Satellite of Montenegrin Gang’s

The Kava Clan had already mapped out the area surrounding the restaurant where Zvicer had been slain by using satellite photography. They had gotten high-resolution satellite photographs of the area and used those images as part of the planning process for the assault. They were able to arrange the position of the gunmen and locate potential escape routes thanks to the satellite imagery.

Analysis of the Traffic of Montenegrin Gang’s

In addition, the Kava Clan utilised traffic analysis in order to follow Zvicer’s whereabouts. They had studied the flow of traffic in the neighbourhood surrounding the restaurant and used this data to make an educated guess as to when Zvicer would arrive and when he would leave. Because of this, they were able to plot the attack with pinpoint accuracy and keep the police from discovering their plans.

Monitoring of Telephone Calls Montenegrin Gang’s

Also, the gang had been listening in on Zvicer’s phone conversations for a number of months before to the murder. They had employed a wide variety of methods, like as hacking and wiretapping, in order to listen in on his phone calls and intercept them. Because of this, they were able to collect useful intelligence about his actions and prepare the attack in a more efficient manner.


The increasing significance of open-source intelligence gathering in contemporary criminal investigations is shown by the example of the Montenegrin Gang’s that exploited OSINT to commit murder. A high level of intelligence and technical expertise may be inferred from the fact that the gang had planned and carried out the murder with the assistance of a wide range of internet tools and methods. The case demonstrates how important it is for law enforcement organisations to have their own operational security intelligence (OSINT) skills in order to combat organised crime. It is possible that OS will do this given the growing amount of information that is available online.




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