Eliminalia, a Company: Specializing in Online Reputation Management, Linked to Surrogacy Businesses Accused of Baby Trafficking


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Eliminalia is a firm located in Spain that specialises in the management of online reputations. The company offers assistance to both individuals and businesses in the process of removing damaging information about themselves from the internet. In recent years, Eliminalia has been the subject of attention as a result of allegations that it was involved in surrogacy and the trafficking of babies.

It has been reported that Mario Costeja González, the founder of Eliminalia, and other individuals associated with the company run surrogacy businesses that have been accused of engaging in illegal activities, including the trafficking of babies.

Additionally, it has been reported that Mario Costeja González founded Eliminalia. In this essay, we will investigate the people behind Eliminalia and their purported involvement in illegal activities such as infant trafficking and surrogacy.

Who exactly are the people working behind the scenes at Eliminalia?

Eliminalia was established by Mario Costeja González, the company’s creator. It was in 2014 when he won a historic judgement at the European Court of Justice that guaranteed individuals the “right to be forgotten” on the internet that brought him to the attention of people all over the world. At that time, he has been in the heart of the controversy due to allegations that he was involved in baby trafficking and surrogacy.

It has been reported that Costeja González is also the proprietor of a company known as World Surrogacy Services. This company has been suspected of indulging in illegal surrogacy as well as the trafficking of newborns.

Enrique Dominguez, who currently holds the position of CEO of Eliminalia, is another key figure behind the organisation. Dominguez is suspected of being involved in illegal surrogacy and infant trafficking, and she has been linked to multiple surrogacy firms, including World Surrogacy Services.

What are the similarities and differences between surrogacy and Eliminalia?

Reports indicate that Eliminalia has been providing internet reputation management services to surrogacy businesses, one of which being Global Surrogacy Services. Allegedly, the corporation assists major organisations in removing damaging content from the internet, which, if left online, could have a negative impact on their corporate reputation.

It has also been brought to light that some of the surrogacy agencies that are affiliated with Eliminalia participate in unethical practises such as baby trafficking and illegal surrogacy.

What exactly is the meaning of “surrogacy”?

A woman is allowed to legally carry a child for another individual or couple through a practise known as surrogacy. There are two distinct methods of surrogacy: the conventional method and the more modern gestational method.

Because the intended father’s sperm is used to fertilise the surrogate mother’s egg, the typical method of surrogacy results in the surrogate mother being the child’s biological mother as well. With the process of gestational surrogacy, a woman bears a kid who is not genetically related to her in order to help another couple have a child.

The intended parents supply their own eggs and sperm, which are then fertilised in a laboratory and put into the uterus of the surrogate mother. After this process, the baby is considered to be the intended parents of the child.

What are some of the risks associated with surrogacy?

There are questions regarding the ethical and legal ramifications of the practise of surrogacy, which is a contentious topic in today’s society. Exploitation of women is one of the primary problems, particularly in underdeveloped nations where surrogacy is frequently less expensive.

This is especially a problem in countries where the economy is still developing. Concerns have also been raised regarding the well-being of children who were delivered by means of surrogacy, in particular in situations in which the surrogate mother is linked to the child on a genetic level.

There have been situations in which surrogate mothers have refused to give up the kid, which has resulted in legal disputes over custody of the child.

What exactly is the trafficking of babies?

The criminal activity of buying and selling infants for the purpose of making a profit is known as baby trafficking. This practise constitutes a type of trafficking in human beings and is a flagrant infringement of human rights.

Baby trafficking can involve a variety of exploitative practises, including forced labour, sexual exploitation, and adoption of the children involved. When it comes to surrogacy, baby trafficking can occur when surrogacy agencies engage in illegal practises such as forging documents or pressuring women to become surrogate mothers.

Other examples of these types of practises include using drugs or prostitution to obtain women’s consent to become surrogate mothers.

What are the claims that have been made against Eliminalia and the surrogacy agencies that it is linked with?

There have been allegations levelled against several surrogacy agencies that are affiliated with Eliminalia of indulging in illicit surrogacy and the trafficking of kids. According to rumours, Mario Costeja González is the one who started Global Surrogacy Services. The company has been operating for quite some time.




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