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Do you have an interest in trading? Do you keep yourself up-to-date with the latest updates in the market? Yes, then it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that CMS Prime is a new FOREX scammer in the lucrative world of FOREX trading. It is providing direct prices from liquidity providers that belong to top tiers. 

Though CMS Prime claims to be a highly experienced, fair and transparent platform; it will be a good idea to keep on investigating. There are many users who are still waiting for their funds to get back into their accounts from CMS Prime. 

A Detailed View about CMS Prime

The moment you come across a broker that is purporting in terms of providing something but is different in reality will strike your mind. As per CMS Prime Review, it provides chances for traders to trade through the internet. You will come across claims that promise to provide best trading conditions along with low tight spreads. 

Nowadays, building an enticing website is no longer a big deal. Scammers including CMS Prime are taking this opportunity to fool traders by making false promises. Moving images along with exclusively designed banners are making the website look good at a first glance. Traders must be careful prior to investing their money.

Claims and Promises are Another Bags of Tricks by CMS Prime

Top scammers are experts in luring their readers. They make false claims for enticing newbie investors. If you sign up with CMS Prime, then you will come across numerous promises related to trading. There, you will come across deals that promise high leverage without any commission. 

Is it possible in real life? No! Not at all! It will be a good idea to refrain from suspecting FOREX brokers that promise heaven for the purpose of delivering hell. Day by day, the rate of complaints is mushrooming at a fast pace! Going through the CMS Prime Review in detail will help a lot in finding out tricks that these fraudsters apply. 

If you want to get a favorable return against your investment, it will be good to sign up with FOREX trading tools that guarantee high safety. Highly reliable and reputable FOREX platforms will make proper usage of your time as well as money. Top experts recommend trading tools that hold approval by top trading professionals.

Partnering with top FOREX trading robots will help in making real margins for gaining high profit. Highly credible and dependable FOREX robots meant for trading are highly transparent. The transparency makes them among top trading tools in the present market. 

Nobody Knows the Name of the Owner of CMS Prime

It is very much surprising to note that the name of the owner of CMS Prime remains a mystery. The level of anonymity in association with the brokerage firm remains anonymous. There are  no names about people who run this exclusive platform for trading. As anonymity is a highly dangerous character in association with danger, it is better to stay away with CMS Prime. 

There is a lack of information about the actual name of the CEO of the FOREX firm is enough to confirm that it is a scam. As it holds the regulation of St.Vincent and Grenadines, it is clear enough that it is an offshore broker. Offshore brokers are notorious in setting rules and regulations that relate to financial losses. 

Does CMS Prime Hold a Valid License?

It is a very disturbing fact that CMS Prime is among brokers that utilize false credentials. It uses a random licensing and regulation number for seducing investors searching for legit brokers. It will be a highly risky deal to go with such brokers as they may close down their shops anytime without issuing any notice to users. They simply make you gripe. 

Another highly disturbing detail is that this broker uses a demo account that is totally fake. As per our CMS Prime Review, top scammers are rigging demo accounts in favor of their users. Though it seems to be a good thing from far, in reality it is just the reverse. Scammers know some of the best ways to set the trap to dupe traders in a tactful manner. 

A newbie trader will definitely have the desire to mirror results. Signing up with a fake account will be a big blunder. The moment users will deposit their money with CMS Prime, they will start losing money fast. In short, shaking hands with this broker will be a horrible decision. 

It will be a wise idea to go with trading robots that hold genuine verification by top professionals. Dependable trading robots will help you a lot in making money in a peaceful manner. Unfortunately, CMS Prime is not among them. 

Lots of Excuses at the Time of Withdrawing Money

Depositing and withdrawing money are basic steps in association with trading. Here top scammers take the opportunity to cheat traders. At the time of depositing money, you will come across numerous exclusive options like MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller and Visa. Scammers are always after making money so they keep multiple options for deposits.

At the time of depositing money, there will  not be any excuse. But at the time of withdrawal, you will come across lots and lots of conditions. All are to dupe traders in the worst possible way. This is where the problem starts. Whenever you will go to withdraw your money, you will hardly get your money back. 

Isn’t it safe to stay away from such scammers? 

Your Funds are Not Safe with CMS Prime

Among all negative feedbacks, another remarkable one is that your funds will not be in safe hands with CMS Prime. With lots of discrepancies in association with fund security, investors must think many times before investing their money here. There is hardly any information about the names of banking partners. 

It is very difficult to make out the right place where CMS Prime deposits the money of users. There is a possibility that the money of investors will not be in safe hands. The FOREX company doesn’t follow any protocol. It pools funds in a single account. In case of bankruptcy, the broker will loot all your funds without any funding. 

CMS Prime Hardly Involves any Live Chatting Support

Nowadays, live chatting support is a common feature in almost all top companies. Unfortunately, CMS Prime does not include this simple feature. There remains a small doubt that it is a scammer. The website that does not feature live chat can remain aloof from its customers. 

Customers will not be able to make out what is happening with their money. Even if you mail them through online channels, they will hardly respond at any cost.

CMS Prime is Using Which Type of Platform?

As per the recent page of the platform, CMS Prime has MT4 as its online trading platform. Users can download the platform on both the desktop and smartphone. This is a way to test the validity of the platform. Surprisingly, the download stalls after reaching forty percent. 

It is crystal clear that users will be dealing with an unstable platform. It will be a good idea to stay away from this fraudster broker. The best thing would be to shut down this company forever.



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