Fake Claim of the VSource Software

“Instant Free & Targeted Traffic… Complete Site Construction in 6 Minutes… Ranked in Days… Profit in Days… And next to ZERO work.”

Introducing VSource software

 The marketing world has seen drastic developments in businesses and marketing fields with the addition of new methods and ways of excelling businesses. This field has been developing from eras and ages and it tends to continue to take this path of development further to infinite and beyond. These statures are taken ahead on the Internet to develop online marketing systems. Certain ideas have been propagated in terms of developing the online market too; with online stores system and CPA marketing among the topmost innovations implemented in the online marketing systems. These methods are used by certain people in developing their businesses and market systems like Amazon and eBay have developed as the major online marketing hubs in the system. Similarly, a new methodology was introduced some years ago by a motivational speaker called Mark Bishop which was primarily a software named as VSource. This new, groundbreaking (as said by Mark) software is said to be the ‘future’ of online marketing. It seems to be pretty realistic and awe-inspiring but as this world has taken the term “marketing” as desired; such initiatives aren’t much of trusting ways of gaining online integrity and market. These methods need a critical analysis for judging the level of authenticity they exhibit in the form of opportunities for others; which technically every motivational speaker speaks about, yet they have a baggage of desire packed within this ‘initiative’. Most of them are found promoting their products under the curtain of providing business guidelines.

Understanding how VSource works

This software insists on working ‘legally’ in every way. It seems strange to see the mechanism it has been undertaking to be completely on the paperwork. Yet, we need to present a proper critique of the conditions it has been operating on. This paper is to discover the grounds this software works upon and the significance it shows in the development of the online marketing system.

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VSource is an ‘updated’, ‘revolutionary’ software that ‘takes up the traffic of other users; for example contents of different sites and then create “commission sucking affiliate sites” from it. The claim of the work to be legal under every case seems very intuitive and innovative. Yet we need to evaluate the efficiency this software pertains to exhibit. It might fit under the legal grounds (which are all because of the cunning protocol of Mark Bishop) yet this is evident that the moral grounds for this software are a convict. This is because of the upsells that Mark sells from the operation of this software; which makes it confounding in its entirety. Evaluation is required over the facts of the claims made by Mark of earning hundreds of dollars per week – with the help of someone’s content and products. (It doesn’t feel right.)

If, as exclaimed by Mark, this software benefits the people as a profitable business paying off hundreds of dollars, this is perplexing. If it were to this, the world would’ve been so rich and every person, man or woman would’ve been above the poverty line. Earning thousands of dollars in few minutes for a newbie, inexperienced person is something attractive; but such claims have been countered before as they were a mere product-selling stunt. 


If for once we come to believe that this methodology and software is a legal way of operation and to earn money; the question then comes over its feasibility. It never feels equitably and ethically sane that such work can be operating for the long term in terms of profitable business which will easily get stomped and impeded by other grossing internet businesses (if it somehow gets popular, yet it won’t). The system is an outdated version of online marketing; if one might say over a proper judgmental analysis of this software. This system furthermore lacks reliability, professionalism and a stout approach in the business terminologies. It is better to invest the time and money somewhere better; as such software is no more than dissimulating and misinterpreting; which can lead the youth (who are more attracted to it) to delude themselves to the wrong path.

Stacked UPSELLS and DOWNSELLS Pop-ups

   The software costs money; which is somewhat justified for it being copyright of another’s work that is being used by further clientele. This is acceptable to some extent; until it isn’t operated for their benefits and promotions. After the initial purchase of the software, the user faces more upsells and down-sell which certainly seemed as if they are add-ons. But we need to realize that the very user that has become a consumer of this product shouldn’t face moral acquisitions from the provider; which is more legally binding apart from it being a stated ‘legal’ product. Marketing is a technique that is used to attract people towards their greater benefits. This had been maneuvered into such a proficiency that is hence used for personal benefits. Just as most internet marketers do, Mark Bishop has also used this up for his benefit. This stunt of upsells is to grab the maximum out of the fool’s paradise; which is undoubtedly a very criminal act in terms of the legality of online marketing. While discussing the structure of the system that has been convolved by Mark, we should observe in the pictures how these upsells and such marketing stunts are passed on and eventually given access to the product that was bought.


 For some critiques; the way VSource has been making the money out of the consumer market is by far the most comprehensive way a person can deduce to keep everything legal. But it is never taken to the realistic grounds where we will prove how bogus this structure is in terms of both legality and morality. VSource’s way of making money is a pure whack; the system is processed with a certain sequence that enables every user to structure a page or website of own. It requires an explanation of how this system or software operates; you have to discover broken links (with the help of the software), set up a domain name and buy it; structure a quick site with the help of the related content that has been used at other places. This then should evaluate how it would end up for the user in terms of money and accessibility. It then stays in the hopes of whether their product will be bought by people who reach out to the site or not.  

   To explain how this procedure is stained and has drawbacks in terms of legal and moral values along with improper customer services; we need to discuss how the setup is formulated step by step. After the selection of the product, a search is made on VSource Software to look for video clips related to the products. This technically is against the laws of online marketing where the breach of data is done. The unprecedented copyright laws are being breached with this act at first which needs to be identified. Without proper referencing, there isn’t any chance that’ll make it close to being legal. Moving forward with the work, these videos are then filtered with “broken links.” The videos that are filtered out are then taken up for setting the site. The concerns aren’t yet resolved regarding copyright acts and the legality of copying these videos. Eventually, there are certain checks made over the availability of domains that are then bought by the user. This software has been taking up ‘investments from the user which needs to be analyzed further that this has profit out of it as stated by the creator of VSource. If this isn’t providing any substantial resolution in the form of cashback for the consumer of this software; then it should be stated as the promotion of one’s product and the way of avidity. After buying the domain, it then all sets towards the settlement of a site with proper keywords of one’s own choice i.e. to be search optimized. For this, the creator recommends the installation of the VSource themes; and with no experience in website development, a normal user can make a website for them. This seems to be very entrepreneurial, but this shows the inefficiency and inaccuracy of the software. A specific work, that takes hundreds of dollars to develop is being done by amateurs seems very unprofessional and destructive.   

  These processes might still look practical to new users who are in search to make money and they’d find potential in the online market. The websites that are formed and structured aren’t even near to be called “proper websites.” The themes that are used in its making aren’t even attractive to the visitors of the site. The traffic on the site is only related to the people who visit and then use the services of the site. This presumably seems impossible because of the unprofessional interface of the website. To sell the product, it is important for it to be attractive and trustworthy which will then help the site go ahead and excel in profit. For VSource, it seems impossible to strive in the online marketing system as it won’t ever excel with such immature websites. It can’t be stated as trustworthy for bigger clients.  

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  On the other hand, apart from the immature system of development, there is a perception of such niche-specifics to excel. This perception had been in the early 2000s when there hasn’t been much knowledge over online marketing. The internet was developing at that age which allowed certain scam websites to make a profit out of it. This perception has outdated, just like these websites. Such creepy sites are disposed of by the more mature internet users of this age. There is a proper understanding of the identification of scams and frauds along with ways to tackle them. Hence, this closes the windows of such sites to excel with spam and frauds and allows only the true websites that are there to develop businesses with a loyal clientele; and with a lot of revenue related to the website. The online marketing nowadays demands legitimacy which isn’t provided by VSource for its customers. A neat, clean, user-friendly and well-designed website is the priority of the online marketing system nowadays. Except that, there is no space for websites like these to thrive under situations like these created in the online market.

VSource Conclusion

 The claim of having the maximum result out from such websites as VSource in very little time is something that can neither be asked nor achieved. The online market demands experience; which is not even close to experiencing here at VSource. This probably, or I might say, never going to happen. This is a time taking formality that might take days to complete and hence get the eligibility to be a part of the system. As discussed, such sites are outdated in nature and have nothing to do with the grossing of the online market. They are rated as scams as the users shall never feel the ease of making it through with such a site that depicts unprofessional approaches. Instead of figuring out betterment for the system, people are in the search of forming new methods in terms of gaining profit from the people by making a fool out of them. Regardless of this fact, the marketers focused on making their money by making the fool out of the people by greed and lust of money. Hence, certain statements were made and were stated benchmarks of the online market. These were then used to get the maximum attraction for promoting their products. There have been no aims of people like Mark to make a difference by discovering practical and realistic grounds for the online marketing system. 



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