Bridging a Gap of Web3 Trustworthy: A New Era Of Tokenized Equity


Hacken has updated its tokenomics to establish a decentralized HAI token, aiming to build a secure Web3 with trust as the default

Hacken, a company specializing in Web3 security, has recently announced the HAI Tokenomics update, aiming to transform the HAI token into a governance, product-utility, Work-2-Earn token.

With its new tokenomics, Hacken hopes to establish a community of like-minded individuals who recognize the importance of trust and Web3 security. The ultimate goal is to provide accessible and well-structured data and tools that make it easy for web users to identify trustworthy projects within the industry.

At the same time, the company plans to transfer its treasury to hDAO. This move will make its HAI token fully decentralized. In particular, Hacken’s CEO, Dmitry Budorin, plans to exchange 10% of his Hacken Group’s equity for 100,000,000 HAI tokens through the Hacken Merge program. 

New updates benefit all interested parties

By introducing Hacken Tokenomics, the company aims to bring transparency to the industry and enable any web user to participate in building a robust ecosystem. With Hacken’s dedication to building a secure Web3 where trust is the default, the company’s new update is a significant step towards achieving that goal. 

The company’s services and products, which generated 9 million in revenue in 2022, are now integrated into a solution that adds more value to the HAI token. The Hacken Merge program provides an opportunity for HAI token holders to invest in the future of Hacken and benefit from the company’s success. The company’s new tokenomics and Merge program will further strengthen this community. 

Eventually, the Hacken Merge program should benefit both potential investors and the current Hacken community. It will also help Web3 become a safer and better place.

Hacken has been working for five years to create a community of united individuals who recognize the importance of trust in the Web3 space. The tokenomics and Hacken Merge, announced earlier, are changing the way we see the holder profile. Now, holders will be able to contribute to the Web3 trustworthy by actively engaging with the products and services of the updated HAI ecosystem.

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