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Tevfik Arif aka Tofik Arifov is known for his real estate development ventures and his affiliation with former US President Donald Trump. However, there is a part of his past he doesn’t want people to know about .

And it’s not his work in the Soviet Union. Nor is it his involvement in the international ventures of Donald Trump. 

Tevfik Arif doesn’t want people to learn about the time he was arrested in Turkey for running a prostitution ring.

Yes, you read that right. 

The real estate tycoon who helped Donald Trump secure investments in Moscow was arrested for running a prostitution ring. 

Fake DMCA by Tevfik Arif

While he was acquitted of all charges, the arrest caused him to get a lot of negative press. 

After all, it’s very difficult to believe that he wasn’t doing anything at all when he was arrested alongside 10 other men for being involved in the hooker enterprise. 

Moreover, his recent activities show that he must have been a little guilty at least as he has been trying to take down any news articles talking about his arrest from the internet. 

tevfik arif

The PR team of Tevfik Arif is working day and night to take down articles from Google’s search results. They are doing so by posting fake DMCA notices against these articles, claiming they were the original authors. 

Are their claims true? Certainly not. 

The articles Tevfik Arif’s team claims to be “copied” are written by professional journalists and published on reputed news sites. 

But his team doesn’t care about all of that. 

All they care about is their client’s reputation. 

This begs the question, “Is Tevfik Arif really innocent?”

Let me share some more details on the case against this friend of Donald Trump to help you get an idea of how serious the whole deal is: 

The Arrest of Tevfik Arif in Turkey: 

Turkish authorities had arrested Tevfik Arif under the suspicion that he was setting up deals between several rich men and some Eastern European models. 

It’s worth noting that some of those models were minors.

He was setting up the deal for them to ‘meet’ on a $60 million yacht that was once used by Mustafa Ataturk. 

Tevfik Arif runs Bayrock Group which co-developed the Trump International Hotel and Tower and Trump SoHo. Authorities arrested him along with 9 other people for allegedly running a prostitution ring. 

The prosecutor revealed that the yacht had been used at least twice for sexcapades. 

Turkish media had called him the “man who defiled the Savarona”. 

Also, the authorities had arrested 10 models from Russia and Ukraine and released one of them. Two of those women were underage. 

Apparently, the rich men had paid $3,000 to $10,000 per night to sleep with the models on the 450 ft yacht.

The yacht has 16 suites along with a 282 ft gold trimmed staircase and a Turkish bath.

In 1989, Kahraman Sadikoglu, a Turkish businessman had paid the government to use the yacht and he rented it out for $30,000 to $40,000 a day.

Several Kazakh, Russian and Kyrgyz businessmen along with a few top government officials were among the ones arrested. 

Media reports also revealed that the police had interrogated Tevfik Arif at a police station afterwards.

The representatives of Tevfik Arif claimed that it was all nothing but a part of a smear campaign against him. 

You should know that Tevfik’s company has worked on plenty of other projects with Trump including a residential project in Whitestone, Queens and development of the Trump International Hotel and Tower Phoenix. 

In an interview in 2007, he had revealed that Trump had been very helpful to Bayrock since the beginning. 

Before launching Bayrock, Tevfik Arif used to work in the Ministry of Commerce and Trade in the former Soviet Union. He worked there for 17 years. 

tevfik arif

Tevfik owns a $6-million mansion in Port Washington, L.I. 

Also, his company has faced a lawsuit for defrauding the IRS and embezzling millions from its subsidiaries. 

Another lawsuit against Bayrock alleges that Tevfik had inflated sales in the company’s marketing pitches so they would buy the condo.

The PR team of Tevfik Arif has been successful in hiding these stories from teh consumers in Turkey. They have sent countless notices to Google and even WordPress.com to take down articles sharing details about his arrest in Turkey. 

Because the defamation laws in Turkey are quite different from the US, it’s easy for people like him to take down such articles. 

Even publications like the Daily Beast and the Huffington Post had their articles removed from Google Turkey because of these notices. Maybe the reason why these takedowns are so easy for him in Turkey is because some suspects were top government officials? 

tevfik arif

His defamation court order allowed him to take down several news articles from WordPress itself. The representatives of the CMS platform said they had no choice but to comply as non-compliance could have resulted in the government blocking the entire platform from their region. 

In any case, it’s obvious that Tevfik Arif has been quite active in PR and is using outright illegal tactics to hide any articles mentioning his prostitution ring-related arrest. 

Raise Awareness Against Tevfik Arif

There’s a lot we can do as citizens. It’s easy to brush off these incidents as ‘something that happens everyday’ but that would be the most careless way to look at it. 

The least you can do is share this story with others and raise awareness. When more people know about the truth, its impact grows. 

Wealthy and powerful men like Tevfik Arif think they are untouchable. They tend to believe that they won’t have to face any consequences for their actions. Arif isn’t the only man who has taken advantage of fake DMCA notices to hide news articles from the internet. 

For example, you have the case of Edward Banayoti who didn’t face any repercussions after soliciting sex from another woman and asking her to become his “sex slave” under the pretense of working as his assistant. 

Please, share this article with others and make them aware of how Tevfik Arif and people like him are exploiting the system.




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